dioxin2013On behalf of International Advisory Board and Local Organizing Committees, it is a great honor of me to welcome you to Daegu, Republic of Korea for the 33rd International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants and POPs -DIOXIN 2013.

There have been major advances in the analytical determination and the understanding of the transport, fate, and toxic effects of POPs over the past three decades. Dioxin symposium has always played a key role in providing soils for major advances on POPs research through scientific communications. Dioxin 2013 will continue the tradition of the Symposium series as an interdisciplinary forum for communicating recent results and emerging issues.

One of great assets of dioxin symposia series is an excellent interdisciplinary communication among the scientists from various scientific backgrounds. Dioxin 2013 will be an excellent stage to interact among the participants and lead to a fruitful interdisciplinary discussion. We will feature many opportunities to enhance interactions between students, academics and science professionals from around the globe. In addition, it will provide a well balanced program that includes special sessions in concert with both traditional and core topics. We welcome proposals of special topics that reflect recent and regional interests; these should be suggested at an early stage in the development of the technical program.

Daegu is a city of legacy and charm embracing 3,000 years of history. Daegu is the third largest city in Korea surrounded by 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have prepared a host tour on Wednesday afternoon, which includes visits to the selected UNESCO heritage sites. In addition, a variety of social events will be prepared for you to enjoy the beauty of the Korean culture and nature.

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Once again, welcome to Dioxin 2013.

Jae-Ho Yang
Chair, Dioxin 2013